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If this is the year you are planning to sell your home and hope to get top dollar than hear are a few tips that will help.

Creating a great first impression is just about the biggest area to concentrate on. To get top dollar you will likely need to invest a little $ to bring your home up to buyer's expectations - but it doesn't have to be a lot.  Think in terms of your return on this investment when decide what to do and not to do.

So, what's it going to take - well, how about the free things first?

Start with getting rid of the clutter - remember this is in the eye of the buyer. Make sure your home is bright and inviting. Spruce up your landscaping - add a little curb appeal – doesn't need to cost much if you add some free TLC. How about those DIY repairs, the ones you have been meaning to do but haven't gotten to - just yet, like the simple electrical and plumbing items on your list.

Now for some costlier ideas to consider.  We know that the kitchen and bathroom are the top draw areas in a home for most home buyers. Do an inventory on what you think needs updating and decide what you need to do to keep a buyer interested in your home and not send them down the street to an updated property for sale.  Are your carpets in good shape or could they use a good cleaning or even replacement if they are too far gone?  If you have tile floors you may need a professional tile cleaning company to do a good steam cleaning to get your grout looking good again.

So as you evaluate your home's marketability think in terms of what you look for when you shop for a home – look around and make sure you have put your best foot forward – in the eye of the buyer!

Good Luck!

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