Increase Your Credit Score And Get Lower Rates

Dated: 04/26/2015

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Increase your credit

Increase your Credit Score and get lower rates

The affects of your credit affects the rates and terms of loans.  Here are few suggestions to improve your credit score.

Always pay your bills on time.

Don’t max out one credit card, try to  balance out your credit card balances.  Pay down the card with the highest balance. 

If you have filed a bankruptcy or can’t get a credit card, then setup a Secure Credit Card with your bank, you deposit like $300 and use it like a debt card, buy gas, groceries ect.  Leave a small balance on it every month like $50, you want to show stability.

After 6-12 months with this card and on-time payments try getting a real credit card, a good option would be Capital One. Keep up the on time payments and remember to check your report on a regular basis. If you follow these steps your score will continue to go up and open doors for other credit products.

Get a Free Annual Credit Report yearly.

Look at all the negative items individually....

If they are wrong or a very small amount dispute them. (Often times on small amounts if you dispute them they can be removed, When disputed the credit bureau sends notice to these companies and if the amount is too small..Often times they won’t bother with the man power or time to send the info back to the bureau saying you still owe) and they will be removed

If they are larger, and are a debt that you are responsible forcall and negotiate. Always start low offering 50% of balance owed and negotiate with them. Almost all companies will negotiate to a lower amount then the dollar amount owed. If you need to set up a small payment plan you can afford to get these paid off. (If you pay in full they will negotiate a much lower settlement)

ALWAYS use the Double D strategy! Dispute and document, keep all papers and document everything you do and always follow up. When disputing you can use the dispute form attached with your credit report or write a letter explaining why it’s disputed. Always be clear and send a copy of your report with the disputed item highlighted. This is to ensure they know what you are disputing and will not discard without taking action for you.  If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself then hire a credit restoration company.  Contact me and I’ll refer you to a few companies that we have had good success with.

I can also run your credit and pre-qualify you for a home loan.

Good luck!

Frank Gotaas

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