Do Not Listen To Opinions Trust The Facts

Dated: May 19 2022

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Everyone is talking about interest rates and how they are outrageously high. This is coming from people who know nothing about the market or these opinions are coming from people who don't want you to improve your financial future.

Yes, interest rates have risen over the past 12 months, but interest rates are still very low historically.

If you choose to wait for housing prices to "crash" or you are waiting for 2-3% interest rates to appear again, you will be making a huge mistake.

Average home price and interest rate in Sacramento;

1980  $99,500 -  16.63%

1990 $193,770 -   6.94%

2000 $241,350 -  8.05%

Remember 2006-2009 the United States experienced a home market crash based on faulty lending practices that no longer exist today due to legislation in California.

2010 $224,800 - 4.69%

2020 $435,000  -  3.7%

2022   $495,00   -4.84 %

You will be losing for trying to "wait it out".

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