5 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Raise Your Credit Score

Dated: 02/04/2019

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5 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Raise Your Credit Score


Just ask anyone who has ever tried to apply for a home or car loan, for an apartment, or a job: Your credit rating can have a major impact not only on your ability to purchase a home, but may affect whether your potential employer offers you a job.

Check the list below for 5 ridiculously simple ways to raise your credit score that don't cost a fortune (some are even free) and don't take over a year to see improvements:

1. Experian Boost is a free service that can be done completely online by anyone who opts in via the  Experian website. (Note: the service is not yet live but you can pre-register through this link)Those who opt-in then link the bank accounts they use to pay their phone and utility bills to the Experian website, allowing the company to track their monthly payments. Those consumers whose records show timely payment history will see their scores immediately boosted when the new data is added.

2. UltraFICO, also a new product by Experian.

3. Do you have a relative or friend with excellent credit? Ask them if you can be added as an authorized user on their credit card. Boost your scores through the roof, quickly. No, they don't actually have to give you access to their card--tell them to have the card mailed to themselves. But having the card added to your credit report boosts the score right away.

4. Get credit for paying rent on time. With Rental Kharma, they will add up to 2 years of timely rent payments to your credit report, and it takes 2 weeks to raise your score 40 points (they have a disclaimer that they don't promise a specific score, but have testimonials from past clients, and a money back guarantee)

5. This video  is just good information, not necessarily for a quick fix--but excellent advice about credit improvement over the long-term: 

If you want to know what items have an impact on your credit score, this chart outlines the criteria that are used to determine your score:

how credit is calculated

The key takeaway is to protect your good credit score by following sound credit management practices: low credit utilization, showing a long stable credit history, having installment credit showing timely payments, and not applying for too much credit.

If you have concerns about your ability to purchase a home because of low credit scores, my preferred lenders can get you on the right track, just call or text me at 916-525-5888 and I will send you their contact information.

Visit join800club.com for details on a financial education service program that includes credit restoration.

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