6 Ways To Save On Gas

Dated: 08/21/2019

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6 Ways to Save on Gas

Though it can cost less than a gallon of milk, buying a gallon of gas seems to have more of an impact on a family’s finances. Of course, unlike milk, you’re probably buying 10 or more gallons of gas each week. How can you make that expense a little less costly? Here are six ways:

Go Online
Instead of driving around looking for the best gas prices, use apps and websites that track prices. AAA tracks national, state and county averages, giving you an idea if the price you see at the pump is close to the average in your area.

To search specific gas stations, try GasBuddy and Mapquest, or search the apps available on your phone.

Use Discount Gas Gift Cards
Sites such as GiftCardGranny sell discounted gas gift cards. If your card runs out of cash, the site offers alerts on newly available cards.

Some gas stations also have rewards cards, or partner with grocery stores to give shoppers discounts on gas for buying more groceries.

Drive Less
From combining errands, shopping online at home or using your bike or public transportation to get around, there are many ways to use your car less and save money on gas.

You can commute to work, carpool, or share a ride on Lyft. Or ask your employer if you can work from home one or two days a week.

Drive Smart
Don’t accelerate too quickly, keep your tires properly inflated, get regular tune-ups and don’t store a bunch of junk in your vehicle’s trunk that will weigh it down.

Avoid Premium
Unless your car owner’s manual insists on it, chances are your car doesn’t need premium gas with a higher octane. Go with good old regular gas, which is a bit cheaper.

And pump it yourself and pay cash if you can to save some more. Some gas stations charge 25 cents or so if you pay with cash or a debit card instead of using a credit card. Take advantage of that where you can, though expect to see longer lines at such stations.

Buy Local
Fill up at your local gas station that has the best prices instead of waiting until you’re nearly out of gas. Gas stations on the side of the highway, although more convenient if they’re on your way home from work, are usually more expensive than stations deeper into a city.

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