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Dated: December 17 2018

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Why Zillow, Redfin, the "Bricks" and the like will never be able to provide a better service than conventional REALTORS.

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Success Today Requires Adaptability and Localism!

The current real estate market and environment is not what it was.  In fact, in certain aspects, we've not seen market factors like we have today; or at least not in a while.

In markets past, there were certain generalities, general factors applied to the various markets which allowed Realtors to service Clients needs rather well, even if operating outside of their "normal wheelhouse" geographically or transactionally speaking.  In years past there was just much less specialization needed, or even in existence.  Sure, there were nuances from town to town, neighborhood to neighborhood but the variations were much less pronounced then.  The watered down nuances in the past did not require hyper-specialization.

In seasons past, an Agent most familiar with Elk Grove could serve a Client selling in Plumas Lake, or help a Buyer searching Rocklin.

Today, wow; today in order to provide you a comparable level of service your Agent must be a specialist, and/or a local expert.  The nuances are more pronounced, and can even be relevant from block to block, or between subdivisions in the same community, let alone from County to County.  Again, these same attribute fluctuations existed previously but they were more subtle.  There was more generality blanketing the broader market.  Agents today must possess the ability to adapt with specificity, and the resources to do so.  In a "flat fee" or discounted environment, well.... you get what you pay for, unfortunately.

Your flat fee, or discount agent may be a diligent, dedicated agent; however, they lack the resources to manage volatility in market circumstances and conditions, nuances from community to community.  Technological resources, consistent relevant training, mentorship and support from a Team or office environment, and yes... often time your agent from the virtual broker is not as local as the virtual agency would have you believe.

The point is..... localism works in your best interest!  Adaptability in your Realtor, and Mortgage professional can only serve you better!  Your Real Estate Agent has to overcome many obstacles to provide you excellent service whether you are buying

Image titleor selling.  Most such obstacles, i.e. inventory levels, multiple offer environment, home values, trends, pricing strategies, community factors, etc., are applied today specifically regarding geography.  Often, the nuances of a Client need or circumstance require unique specialization;  perhaps, a divorce scenario, a difficult probate transaction, the need to get creative to make the transaction work, credit or finance challenges.

Maybe your Real Estate transaction will be easy peasy!  What if it's not?  Will your flat fee or discounted agent rise to the occasion, or will their abilities be stymied by, or proportionate to their discounted commission?  Will the virtual agency go the extra mile in providing resources under a flat fee environment?  Why would you roll the dice and take that chance when, for most of us this is the biggest, most substantial transaction in our lives?

Subject to the most subtle indicators, your interests are best represented by an Agent with superior local knowledge.  A Realtor working with a real Agency with the resources to adapt for circumstances in your market.  Resist the temptation and false promise of today's virtual agencies as it can cost you time, stress, heartache, and even money.

Take the time, do your diligence on the selection of an appropriate Agent for your needs, one with substantial local expertise, prowess in the market, and the resources to handle anything.  Don't be hesitant to ask prospective Agents about their expertise and local track record.  Ask them how many homes they have closed within a 2 to 5 mile radius of where you're buying or selling.  I am NOT saying a non-local Agent cannot provide you excellent service!  I'm simply saying that localism counts in this market, and that as with any Business, the service you receive is reflective of what's paid.

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Consider beginning your search for your Realtor with us!  
Trust Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Elite and The Russell Realty Group to represent your interests.  We field our Agents based on their areas of expertise.  Our Agents typically live in the areas they work, or have closed many homes in these areas, and as an $800 billion company... our expert Team members have nearly unlimited resources to serve you best.

Start your journey today!  Buying or Selling, put our expertise to work for you.

Contact us today, tell us how we can assist you!  (916) 216-4955 |

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