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Just a quick little blog for the day by a man I admire greatly.

The enemy of creativity...

is fear.

We're all born creative, it takes a little while to become afraid.

A surprising insight: an enemy of fear is creativity. Acting in a creative way generates action, and action persuades the fear to lighten up.

To read more about Seth Godin, visit his site at: Seth Godin

Who wrote this? Seth Godin did. He's a bit of a marketing genius when it comes to standing out of a crowd. He wrote a book called, 'The Purple Cow', and it was a phenomenal book teaching a very simple idea, "Be Different and Unique". It sounds like an easy to understand phrase, but it's difficult to fully grasp when you sit down to think about it. The concept of the story starts with someone driving down a road and looking at pasture of cows. You see hundreds of brown, white and black cows, but in the distance you see a purple cow. Do you stop? Do you double take? Most people do because purple is not a natural color for cows. The same goes for creativity, by thinking and acting in a creative manner you become unique and start to stand out from others. We generally fear creativity because it takes outside of our comfort zone. Here's a quick snippet from a blog I read about the benefits of using your creativity and imagination:

Everybody is Creative

In his wonderful TED talk, “You’re a Lot More Creative than You Think,”  internationally renowned fine artist John Paul Caponigro says “The human being is a creative species.”  We’re born creative.  But we’re not alike in our creativity.  We use it in different ways and in different degrees.

Business creativity consultant Dr. Lynne Levesque identifies eight different styles of creativity that she uses to develop top performance in an organization:

  1. The Adventurer, whose Improvisational Creativity is exemplified by photographers, jazz musicians, and talented sports figures;

  2. The Navigator, whose Adaptive Creativity show up in determined inventors and impressionist painters;

  3. The Explorer, whose Catalytic Creativity is like that of Walt Disney and many serial entrepreneurs and successful marketers;

  4. The Visionary, whose Futuristic Creativity is represented by internet gurus, prophets, and strategists;

  5. The Pilot, whose Strategic Creativity we see in skilled project managers and organizational designers;

  6. The Inventor, whose Paradigm Shifting Creativity is found in philosophers and architects;

  7. The Diplomat, whose Collaborative Creativity is revealed by humanitarians, civil rights activists and caring leaders; and

  8. The Poet, whose creativity is thoughtful counsel.

There’s no “best” way to be creative, she says.  The important thing is to decide which style is your favorite and to put it to work for you.

To read the rest of the blog click here: The Positive Benefits of Creativity

So as you relax today, I want you to think about your favorite animal. Now think about 5 different combinations with other animals and write down those names. I bet you just laughed thinking about what you would call it didn't you.

-Your Placer County Realtor, Arron Navarro

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