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Dated: 09/12/2016

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As  I flip over my Architectural Digest magazine page, I ooohh and ahhh at the beautiful and glossy photos. The rooms look perfect, clean and...and...staged. Yup! The room decor is made to make anyone looking at the photos want to move into that house. Same thing goes for having a showing in your home. You need to make the buyers want to live in your home. Broken furniture or ripped upholstery will not enhance the beauty of your home. 

Where do you go to get ideas on how to stage your home? Well this post but also you can find great ideas on Pinterest. Some tips can cost a few dollars while some are free. Here are my tips. 

1. Flowers. Have a garden? You are your own florist. A small bud vase on your nightstand with a few stems of flowers or on your kitchen windowsill will brighten a room. No garden? You can go to your local grocery store or farmer's market. For under $10, you can make 2-3 small flower arrangements.

2. Pretty bottles. So you have your shampoo and conditioner bottles, a body wash cleanser and a facial cleanser. All different colors and sizes just lined up on your bath tub or shower stall. Go to the dollar store and get some pretty containers (or bottles) and pour your soaps in them. Same color to keep it consistent. Same goes with mouthwash. Not attractive. How about a small glass decanter? Beautiful and functional. Makes your bathroom into a luxurious bathroom.

3. Candles. A burning candle makes the home feel cozy. Be careful though. Do not light strong scented ones. Not everyone loves apple cinnamon candles. Try a subdue scent. You cab also use those plug-ins oils. If it's strong at first, plug it in 2=3 days before a showing so it can mellow out a bit. Place 2 in every 1000 sq ft. Too many and the scent is too strong, not enough and the scent make a difference.

4. Bedding. Make your bed! Do not just pull the comforter over mangled sheets underneath. Make your bed look like those from a 5 star hotel. New or clean sheets, pillows on top, maybe a throw blanket at the end of the bed will make the room look welcoming. The buyer can see themselves having their own retreat after a long day of work.

5. Furniture arrangements. How you place your furniture will make a visual impact on buyers. This may include removing furniture if people cannot walk freely into that room. Have a picturesque window? Make sure you have seating that people can view the outside. A fireplace? A chair or big pillows near the fireplace where people can gather around. Keep it simple. If you have a special feature, use it to your advantage.

Want more ideas? Stop by at My Pinterest Board and follow me for more ideas or examples. It's a great way to get creative and make your home look like those home decor magazines.

A bientot!

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