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Dated: 05/17/2015

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What is A Home Upgrade Review, and what’s in it for you?

Simple, we walk our clients through an easy process that answers two basic questions:

1) How much can you get?

2) How easy is it to get?

Let’s start with the OPPORTUNITY Side; how much can you get?

In other words, based on your current income & budget situation, compared to today’s interest rates and real estate prices, what type of home can you get with a payment that is still comfortable?

For example: a 2% change in interest rates on a $100,000 loan = a $166/month difference in mortgage payment.


Our simple Home Upgrade Review looks at your budget, current housing situation, and long term financial goals, to build a Comprehensive Home & Asset Management Plan for you and your family, that has helped hundreds of families substantially improve their living situation and at the same time achieve other financial goals faster.

Second, Let’s look at the OBSTACLES you might face?

With tightened lending guidelines and more stringent documentation rules today, many families have found qualifying for a mortgage is not as easy as it was 5 yrs ago, and now they may not be as ready as they thought.

Simple Question: When would you want to know you have some challenges in qualifying?

When you first list your home?


When it’s under contract and you literally have only days to move?

Our Simple Home Upgrade Review looks at your complete qualifying picture including you credit, assets, and income situation to clearly identify and address any challenges you might face early in the process; so there are no last minute surprises! Our Job is to make sure this is a smooth process, and that you get a clear plan for how to resolve any difficulties early and easily. You will get specific guidance on how to increase your buying power and reduce your borrowing costs through pro-active credit score management!

What do you get as a result of the Home Upgrade Review?

Advice, Guidance, Peace of Mind, and a better plan for a brighter future!

Is there any obligation for this initial review? Never. Our passion is exceptional service, and we feel this is simply the “right thing to do” in giving families you the guidance you need to make smart choices when it comes to your greatest asset, your HOME!

How do you get started?

Simply call or email Frank Gotaas 916-410-173, [email protected]  to get the process started today!

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