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Dated: 09/05/2016

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Thinking of selling your home or it has been on the market for a few weeks with no offers? Your home may not show as nicely as the next door neighbor who sold their home in a few days. Here are some tips to get your home ready for the market or get offers if it hasn't yet.

1.  De-clutter! I have entered into many homes that were filled to the brim with toys, furniture, tchotchke or knickknacks. You are telling the buyer "This house is too small. Your stuff won't fit in here too." I know it's hard but you need to clear out as many items as you can. You may need to store them, sell them or donate them. Make sure the counters are clear and the closets are not filled up. Show the potential buyer there is plenty of room for their belongings.

2.  Make your entrance welcoming to buyers. Clear out any spiderwebs, dead brush or flowers. Sweep the front porch, add a new welcome mat, a pot of flowers or maybe a wreath. Same thing once they come in. A lightly scented candle burning and some flowers will give a great first impression.

3.  Replace out any burned out bulbs, stained towels, add new toss pillows and new bedding to freshen up the look of your home. Also, change your filters! Almost every home I have seen have dusty a/c filters. It looks bad and the home doesn't have that fresh air smell. After you replace it, turn the fan on when buyers are coming. The air will smell clean and make your buyers will notice.

4.  Repairs. Fill out any holes from walls, leaky faucets, broken appliances. If the house appears broken down, not maintained, it may get you a much lower price for your home or worst case, steer potential buyers away from your home.

5.  Clean. I know this sounds like an impossible task especially if you have children. At night, make sure things get picked up, floor swept and the sink clear of any dirty dishes. Someone is coming to see the house? In 15-30 minutes you can; change all towels to fresh ones, wipe down mirrors and counters, put toilet lid down and spritz an air freshener. Wipe the kitchen appliances of any smudges. Take a large basket and pick up any items off the floor. Take that basket with you in your car. Every night, take 15-30  minutes to wipe things down and sweep. It doesn't have to be 100% clean but as long as it looks de-cluttered and clean, the buyer will think you take pride on how your home looks.

I hope these tips helped you in making your home more presentable when buyers are coming in. If you are thinking about selling, your agent should give you a list of things that will help you sell your home faster. They know a show worthy home sells much faster than a house that doesn't. Happy cleaning and get your home sold asap!

See you soon!

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