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Dated: February 25 2015

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Image titleI read an interesting article today about morning rituals and how they help anyone who is looking to have a boost of energy, feel amazing and be ready for whatever the day throws at you. Believe it or not, many of us already have morning rituals that we use to wake ourselves up and get ready for the day. The problem is that sometimes we are stuck in a rut or we lose focus on some of the smaller things in life that can have a huge lasting effect on us. Take for example meditation, a great way to relax the mind and forget about the stress of everyday life by focusing on your inner thoughts and blocking out all outside distractions for even just a few minutes. We forget that the brain is one of the hardest working organs in our body and it to requires rest and relaxation from time to time. By allowing the brain time to rest, barring sleeping, we can start to feel more energized and more creative.

The 5 morning rituals this article recommends are:

  • A quick 7 minute morning workout

  • Meditation

  • Healthy breakfast, in this case a "green smoothie"

  • Don't check your emails first thing in the morning

  • Pick a win for the day (this is one of my favorite ideas)

They might all not work for you, but the point is to make room for ways to improve your health and well-being. Remember that New Year's resolution you made? Whether it was to get a promotion, lose weight or even start a business; make sure that you first start your day off right. They might sound like complicated tasks or you might think they take too much time in the morning, but we'll never know unless we experience for ourselves. I challenge each and every one of you reading this blog to change or add a morning ritual that makes you feel good and promotes health and happiness in your life.

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