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The American Dream Is Alive and Well….

Owning a home is still the number one American dream. With the average mortgage rates in Sacramento now at another low point it just may be the best time for buyers to consider making a move. If you are ready to make a move please call me so we can discuss your goals. If you need to be pre-approved for a loan we can get started on that today. If you are ready to find your home let’s meet and put a list of homes together that you would like to see. I am reachable at (916) 877-5850.

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Why is owning a home so great? A few reasons - you will have freedom of choice, independence, enjoyment and an investment in your future. But, buyers have many responsibilities when owning a home.

Pick a home that meets you and your family’s needs. You will likely be in it for a long while. Consider the area in general. You may want to choose a home that is close to where you do your shopping, kids’ schools, church, activities etc.

On the ownership side you must pay your mortgage payments on time and maintain good credit if you are to protect your investment and credit. Maintain a debt to income ratio of 40/60% and don’t over extend your financial obligations! Put money away into savings so you have a good 6 months of cash reserves for emergencies and to build towards retirement. If there is an HOA pay on time and stay current. Keep you taxes paid on time.

Maintain your home not only on the inside for you to enjoy but on the outside to keep the value of your home as high as possible and to maintain the neighborhood’s appearance. If there is an HOA you will have rules to follow. Protect your investment.

Your home is your castle and can bring you joy and happiness but is does come with many responsibilities, the ones mentioned here and more. Buy the best home you can that's within your means and it will see you through years of comfort.

Call me for a list of homes you would like to consider.

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